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  • Patients should be educated about the likely course of convalescence and the possibility of long-term complications.

Sexual health:

  • Women should be advised not to breastfeed during infection,[43] unless breast milk has been shown to be PCR negative for Ebola virus. However, the risks of not breastfeeding may outweigh the risks of breastfeeding if the infant is symptomatic. More detailed guidance is available here: ENN: infant feeding in the context of ebola Opens in new window

  • The WHO recommends that men should be offered semen testing every month from 3 months after symptom onset and be abstinent or use condoms ideally until two negative semen tests taken one month apart (or at least 12 months after resolution of symptoms).[50]​​


CDC: Ebola disease Opens in new window

WHO: Ebola virus disease Opens in new window

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