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History and exam

Key diagnostic factors

  • sharp or burning pain superior to the lateral joint line
  • positive Noble test
  • positive Ober test
  • positive modified Thomas test

Other diagnostic factors

  • reduced hip abductor muscle strength
  • genu varum (bow leg)
  • hindfoot and forefoot varum
  • pes cavus (high arch)
  • prominent lateral femoral epicondyle, tight iliotibial tract and tensor fascia lata
  • weak gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and tensor fascia lata
  • tightness and weakness in the quadriceps, iliotibial tract, and lateral retinaculum
  • pain on sitting or walking
  • local edema
  • crepitation

Risk factors

  • athlete
  • preexisting iliotibial band tightness
  • high weekly mileage
  • time spent walking or running on a track
  • interval training
  • muscular weakness of knee extensors, knee flexors, and hip abductors
  • leg-length discrepancies
  • step width
  • downhill running
  • lack of running experience
  • abrupt increase in running distance or frequency
  • long-distance running
  • running at an improper pace
  • use of worn-out running shoes
  • running on a cambered surface or slippery surface
  • knee varus in male runners
  • muscular weakness in hip external rotator muscles in male runners
  • excessive hip internal rotation in male runners

Diagnostic investigations

Treatment algorithm


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