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Last updated: March  2018



History and exam

Key diagnostic factors

  • corneal infiltrate
  • corneal ulcer
  • dendritic or geographic epithelial lesion
  • periocular skin lesions
  • multifocal corneal ulcer with feathery edges
  • corneal perineuritis
  • interstitial keratitis

Other diagnostic factors

  • redness
  • pain
  • increased lacrimation
  • lid edema
  • discharge
  • decreased visual acuity
  • photophobia
  • high intraocular pressure
  • Hx of HSV or Varicella zoster virus infection
  • multiple old stromal scars
  • iris transillumination
  • corneal hypoesthesia

Risk factors

  • contact lens wear
  • corneal trauma
  • corneal abrasion/erosion
  • trichiasis
  • blepharitis
  • dry eye
  • poor eyelid function
  • previous herpetic disease
  • exposure keratitis
  • recurrent corneal erosions
  • contaminated water exposure
  • topical corticosteroid use
  • topical anesthetic use
  • previous eye surgery
  • immunocompromised
  • hx of autoimmune disease

Diagnostic investigations

1st investigations to order

  • corneal scraping: microscope slide
  • corneal scraping: cultures and sensitivity
Full details

Emerging tests

  • corneal scraping: PCR
Full details

Treatment algorithm


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