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Insect bites and stings

Last reviewed: 30 Oct 2023
Last updated: 27 Apr 2021



History and exam

Key diagnostic factors

  • witnessed bite/sting
  • local edema
  • local pain
  • local warmth
  • local markings
  • pruritus
  • wheal and flare
  • skin pallor
  • clamminess
  • signs of airway compromise
  • oropharyngeal edema
  • dyspnea
  • rales/crackles/wheeze
  • tachycardia
  • irregular pulse
  • skin flushing
  • altered alertness
More key diagnostic factors

Other diagnostic factors

  • pustules
  • bulls-eye-shaped rash
  • rash on palms and soles
  • linear raised rash
  • hypertension
  • fever
  • muscle cramp
  • diaphoresis
  • tremor
  • paresthesia and/or fasciculations
  • generalized pain
  • nausea/vomiting
  • headache
  • abdominal pain
  • history of immunocompromised state
  • history of cardiovascular disease
  • abscess
  • necrosis
  • cough
  • hypotension
  • arthralgia
  • adenopathy
Other diagnostic factors

Risk factors

  • occupational or recreational exposure to insects
  • geographic exposure to insects
  • previous history of anaphylactic (or anaphylactoid) response
More risk factors

Diagnostic investigations

1st investigations to order

  • clinical diagnosis
More 1st investigations to order

Investigations to consider

  • CBC
  • serum tryptase
  • sensitivity testing
More investigations to consider

Treatment algorithm


anaphylaxis/anaphylactoid reaction


local reaction


secondary infection: immunocompetent; low MRSA risk



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Tom Morrissey

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Peer reviewers

Theodore M. Freeman, MD

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    • Anaphylaxis - a 2020 practice parameter update, systematic review, and Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) analysis
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