Patient discussions

Advise patients to rest, to drink plenty of fluids, and not to smoke.[1]

  • Adequate hydration and preservation of the cough reflex during convalescence are important. The cough reflex is necessary to remove micro-organisms from the respiratory tract before it reaches the lung.

  • Explain that adherence to treatment is important in patients with CAP, even after they experience clinical improvement.

At discharge, offer patients access to information about CAP, such as a patient information leaflet.[1] For all patients with CAP who smoke, offer advice according to national smoking cessation guidelines. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: stop smoking interventions and services external link opens in a new window

In the community, advise patients (and their carers) to seek medical advice if their symptoms worsen rapidly or significantly; symptoms do not start to improve within 3 days; or they become systemically very unwell.[64] 

  • Around 10% of patients managed in the community do not respond to antibiotic therapy and require hospitalisation.[122]

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