Patient discussions

Advise patients that cervical spondylosis is a spontaneous condition of the joints and bones of the spine that slowly worsens with age and perhaps use. There are no known treatments that halt the progression of the underlying degeneration, although many treatments exist for the symptoms arising from this degeneration.[19] Axial neck pain is a common, benign condition of the cervical spine. It is usually treatable with conservative measures and is likely to spontaneously improve. If degeneration leads to neurologic complications, such as radiculopathy (arm pain) or myelopathy (loss of function), then surgical treatments (i.e., nerve or spinal cord decompression) can sometimes be helpful to treat those conditions as they arise in order to stabilize function and improve pain. Counsel patients about the symptoms of cervical myelopathy and advise them to seek urgent medical attention should such symptoms develop. 

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