Complications table


short termlow

More common in men aged 35 years and younger but still low likelihood. The infection ascends through the cord structures.

reactive arthritis

short termlow

About 3% to 8% of infected patients will develop reactive arthritis.[33][34][35]

ophthalmia neonatorum

short termlow

Newborns may contract conjunctivitis from infected mother during delivery. There is conflicting data on the efficacy of neonatal eye prophylaxis.[36]

chlamydia pneumonia

short termlow

Newborns may contract pneumonia from their infected mother during delivery.

ectopic pregnancy

long termmedium

A single infection increases the risk for ectopic pregnancy.


long termlow

Infection is associated with an increased risk of tubal factor infertility.[4][32]

cervical cancer

long termlow

There is evidence to suggest that Chlamydia trachomatis infections increase the risk of cervical cancer. The risk is increased in those patients with associated human papillomavirus infections.[37]

pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)


The risk of PID is low if the infection is treated appropriately, but rises if left untreated.

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