Emerging treatments

Alternative/herbal medicines

Several natural products have been studied for the treatment of acute bronchitis. Based on a small number of studies conducted in Eastern Europe, Pelargonium sidoides (also known as EPs 7630) has been shown to reduce acute bronchitis symptom duration and intensity.[36][37][38][39][40] A single small placebo-controlled randomized trial in China indicated that use of Gankeshuangqing may decrease acute bronchitis (called wind-heat syndrome) symptoms, with no adverse events reported.[41] Further studies suggest that ivy extract may reduce coughing fits and overall cough in patients with acute bronchitis.[42][43] Cineole (eucalyptol), the main component of eucalyptus oil, has been observed to increase mucociliary beat rates and has bronchodilating effects. One randomized placebo-controlled trial found that it improved bronchitis symptoms scores, owing to a decrease in cough.[44] Similar results were obtained in another randomized controlled trial of a preparation containing cineole, in which patients had a reduction in several cough-related symptoms, including night cough, coughing fits, and overall impairment.[45] More trials are needed to assess the overall effectiveness and safety of these products.

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