Patient discussions

Education of the parents and child about depression is important. It is important to explain to the patient and carers that:

  • Depression is common in children and teenagers.

  • Depression may present as feelings of anger, moodiness, and increased anxiety rather than predominantly as sadness.

  • A paediatrician, family doctor, child psychiatrist, or a counsellor may all be asked to treat a patient with depression.

  • There are different types of treatment, including psychotherapy, medication, or both.

  • There are different choices of medications, and they often take several weeks before there is any apparent improvement.

  • Most medications used to treat depression are well tolerated by most people.

  • Frequent visits to the doctor after starting a medication are important to make sure that the medication is safe, is helping, and is not causing adverse effects.

  • Treatment changes may be required.

  • It is important that the patient actively participates in the treatment and works with the doctor to find the best treatment for them.

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