Prevalence of spontaneous scleroderma in the US is 0.026%, compared with 1.6% in families with systemic sclerosis.[9][10] The prevalence of systemic sclerosis varies widely, from 30 cases per million adults (New Zealand) to 443 cases per million adults (Canada), depending on the geographic location. More than half the patients with systemic sclerosis have the limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis (lcSSc) type, while approximately 40% of patients have the diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc) type.[11][12][13] The point prevalence in south-east Norway was found to be 9.9/100,000, and the estimated prevalences were 6.9/100,000 for lcSSc and 1.8/100,000 for dcSSc.[14] The prevalence in northern Europe is thought to be lower than that in southern Europe.[14]

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