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History and exam

Key diagnostic factors

  • presence of risk factors
  • medication history
  • episodic sounds
  • hearing loss
  • vertigo
  • pulsatile sounds
  • clicking sounds
  • visual changes
  • presence of bruits or hums
  • cranial nerve palsies
  • cerumen (ear wax)
  • abnormal otoscopy
  • abnormal Weber's test
  • abnormal Rinne's test
More key diagnostic factors

Other diagnostic factors

  • slow-onset progressive hearing loss
  • high pitch
  • low pitch
  • unilateral
  • bilateral
  • worse with chewing
  • polyuria/polydipsia
  • diarrhoea
  • palpitations
  • foreign body
Other diagnostic factors

Risk factors

  • older age
  • hearing loss
  • loud noise exposure
  • vestibular schwannoma
  • ototoxic medicines
  • heavy metal exposure
  • history of cerebrovascular disease
  • history of multiple sclerosis
  • history of head trauma
  • history of depression
  • history of anxiety
More risk factors

Diagnostic investigations

1st investigations to order

  • audiometry
More 1st investigations to order

Investigations to consider

  • FBC
  • thyroid function tests
  • lipid profile
  • fasting glucose
  • fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption assay
  • MRI head
  • CT temporal bones
  • MR angiography or CT angiography
  • carotid angiography
  • auditory brainstem response (ABR)
  • minimal masking level
  • residual inhibition
  • loudness and pitch matching
  • loudness discomfort level testing
More investigations to consider

Emerging tests

  • otoacoustic emissions
  • functional MRI
  • PET scan
  • magnetoencephalographic

Treatment algorithm


known aetiology

troublesome tinnitus


hearing loss on audiogram

normal hearing



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