Emerging treatments

Novel therapeutic agents

The use of novel therapeutic agents, including atrial natriuretic peptide, theophylline, insulin-like growth factor, epidermal growth factor, free radical oxygen scavengers, antibodies to adhesion molecules, and prostaglandins, has been reviewed. None have been shown to be beneficial in human AKI.[21] The protective effect of statins (administered either pre-intervention or chronically) is debated,[95][201][202] [ Cochrane Clinical Answers logo ] but results from recent studies are disappointing.[203][204][205] Controlled hypothermia and recombinant alkaline phosphatase infusion may be of benefit.[206][207] Erythropoietin does not appear to exert nephroprotective effects,[208] and treatment with thyroid hormone has been associated with worse outcomes than other possible treatments for patients with established AKI; its role in preventing AKI was not adequately investigated.[209] Remote ischaemic pre-conditioning appeared to hold promise to prevent AKI, but two systematic reviews (including more than 28 randomised controlled trials) cast doubt on the value of the treatment.[210][211][212] [ Cochrane Clinical Answers logo ]

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