Disease incidence increases with age, occurring in those older than 50 years and rarely in younger individuals. Incidence appears highest in those of northern European descent.[4] PMR occurs in non-white populations, but the epidemiology has not been well studied in these populations. There appears to be a small increase in incidence in more recent studies, both in the US and in Europe. A geographical gradient has been observed in Europe, decreasing from north to south: the highest incidence rates have been reported in Norway and the lowest rates in Italy, Spain, and Israel.[5][1] PMR rarely occurs in individuals younger than 50 years of age. For those 50 and older, the US prevalence has been estimated at 6/1,000, and the US average annual age- and sex-adjusted incidence estimated at 52.5/100,000. The incidence is higher in females at 61.7/100,000, compared with 39.9/100,000 in males.[6] Cyclic fluctuations in the incidence of PMR have been observed, and there does not appear to be an increase in mortality associated with PMR.[7]

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