Emerging treatments


Various vaccines are in development, including purified inactivated viral (PIV) particles, purified virus-like particles (VLPs) and viral subunit proteins, live-attenuated vaccines, chimeric vaccines, and viral and nonviral vectors encoding Zika virus structural proteins.[198][199][200] Zika purified inactivated virus (ZPIV) vaccine, an investigational vaccine, was found to be well tolerated in a phase I trial.[135] A synthetic DNA vaccine (GLS-500) has shown promise in a phase I trial.[201] A live-attenuated vaccine has also shown promise in animal studies.[202] WHO: progress toward discovery of Zika virus vaccines and therapeutics.

Antiviral agents

While there are currently no specific antiviral treatments available for Zika virus infection, various candidates are being trialled in early-stage trials.[203][204] Antiviral agents effective against the hepatitis C virus are being tested and have shown activity against Zika virus polymerase.[205] Selected antimalarial drugs have shown activity against Zika virus.[206] A new mouse model may help in exploring the potential activity of Zika virus vaccines and therapeutics.[207]

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