Emerging treatments

Antiviral agents and vaccines

Various vaccines are in development, including purified inactivated viral (PIV) particles, purified virus-like particles (VLPs) and viral subunit proteins, live-attenuated vaccines, chimeric vaccines, and viral and nonviral vectors encoding Zika virus structural proteins. [196] [197] [198]  Zika purified inactivated virus (ZPIV) vaccine, an investigational vaccine, has started clinical trials to test safety and efficacy in the US. [132] A synthetic DNA vaccine (GLS-500) has shown promise in a phase I trial. [199] A live-attenuated vaccine has also shown promise in animal studies. [200] While there are currently no specific antiviral treatments available for Zika virus infection, various candidates are being trialled in early-stage trials. [201] [202] Antiviral agents effective against the hepatitis C virus are being tested and have shown activity against Zika virus polymerase. [203] Selected antimalarial drugs have shown activity against Zika virus. [204] A new mouse model may help in exploring the potential activity of Zika virus vaccines and therapeutics. [205]

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