FMF is certainly the most frequent among hereditary recurrent inflammatory disorders. This disease affects mainly populations of Mediterranean descent: Arabs from the East as well as from the West, Armenians, Turks, non-Ashkenazi and other Jews, Druzes, Lebanese, Italians, and Greeks.[11] Some patients were also reported in Japan. Among non-Ashkenazi Jews and Turks, the frequency of heterozygotes in the general population may be greater than 1 in 5 people.[11][12] High prevalence explains the pseudo-dominant mode of inheritance observed in these populations. Prevalence is extremely rare among people of non-Mediterranean descent.[13][14] There are also reports of occurrence in Melungeon populations (tri-racial mix of European, sub-Saharan African, American Indian, and Mediterranean origins living mostly in the Appalachian region) within the US.

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