BMJ Best Practice - Comorbidities


Treat the whole patient 

One in three adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions.  

In the UK alone one in three patients admitted to hospital as an emergency have five or more conditions.  This poses a significant problem for healthcare systems.  

When comorbidities are not taken into account in the acute setting patients get suboptimal care, leading to worse clinical outcomes and longer lengths of stay.  But, healthcare professionals can struggle to access relevant information when clinical guidelines only focus on single conditions.

Managing the acute along with existing conditions

BMJ Best Practice – Comorbidities is the only point of care tool that supports the management of the whole patient by including guidance on the treatment of a patient’s acute condition alongside their pre-existing comorbidities.  Healthcare professionals are prompted to consider the patient’s comorbidities when accessing treatment information. The tool then produces an initial management plan that is tailored to the unique needs of the patient. 

Written by leading specialists, the tool provides tailored treatment advice based on the latest evidence and presented in a way that’s realistic for daily practice.  It emphasises the most important take-home points and, where evidence is scarce or equivocal, expert opinion is provided.

Improve outcomes at your organisation

The Comorbidities tool provides critical support to healthcare professionals working in the acute hospital setting who need fast access to the latest clinical information and recommendations to treat and stabilise patients with comorbidities. 

Treating the acute presentation alongside existing conditions in this way enables hospitals to increase quality of care and efficiencies through the effective management of the patient. This in turn means better clinical outcomes, shorter hospital stays and fewer readmissions.

Subscription options 

The Comorbidities tool is integrated into the BMJ Best Practice point of care tool.  It is not a standalone product. 

For current BMJ Best Practice institutional subscribers;  the tool is an additional purchase and can be seamlessly added to your current subscription. 


The Comorbidities tool is available via 

  • Desktop browser

  • Mobile device browser

  • BMJ Best Practice app

  • EHR integration


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