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History and exam

Key diagnostic factors

  • presence of risk factors
  • dyspepsia/epigastric discomfort
  • no suspicious features of malignancy

Other diagnostic factors

  • nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite
  • severe emesis
  • acute abdominal pain
  • fever
  • altered reflexes or sensory deficits
  • cognitive impairment
  • glossitis
  • co-existing autoimmune disease

Risk factors

  • Helicobacter pylori infection
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) use
  • alcohol use/toxic ingestions
  • previous gastric surgery
  • critically ill patients
  • autoimmune disease
  • immunocompromise
  • North European or Scandinavian ancestry

Diagnostic investigations

1st investigations to order

  • Helicobacter pylori urea breath test
  • H pylori faecal antigen test
  • FBC
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Investigations to consider

  • endoscopy
  • H pylori rapid urease test
  • gastric mucosal histology
  • serum vitamin B12
  • upper GI contrast series
  • blood/fluid cultures
  • parietal cell antibodies
  • intrinsic factor antibodies
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Emerging tests

  • H pylori culture/PCR
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Treatment algorithm


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