BMJ Best Practice is the only clinical decision support tool that enables hospitals to add their own guidelines, notes, care pathways, protocols and patient leaflets. Information can be added at a hospital, network or country level.

Best Practice also gives hospitals the ability to:

  • Upload local guidelines, notes and links to local resources.
  • Add customised patient leaflets to provide quality care based on local protocols
  • Add local care pathways for relevant topics to support consistent care by all healthcare teams
  • Integrate multiple drug formularies to better inform local prescribing medication management strategies and treatment decisions
  • Add their own adverts, branding and specific support information
  • Introduce mandatory registration to receive detailed individual reporting.

Local Language searching – We understand that medical professionals can find it easier and quicker to search medical information in their own language. This is why BMJ Best Practice enables users to search in over 60 languages – more than any other clinical decision support tool.