BMJ Best Practice is a valuable resource for librarians who support healthcare professionals in their clinical practice and research.

Here are five examples of how BMJ Best Practice currently supports librarians across the globe:

  1. Providing continuous access to the latest clinical information: Librarians who provide BMJ Best Practice as a resource are ensuring healthcare professionals have access to the latest clinical information anywhere, anytime. The award-winning BMJ Best Practice app works offline, so is perfect in areas where internet access is unreliable. BMJ Best Practice has the highest ranking CDS app* (*App Store and Google Play rankings as of 27th March 2023)
  2. Supporting evidence-based medicine: Librarians can use BMJ Best Practice to promote evidence-based medicine in their institutions by providing healthcare professionals with access to the latest reliable clinical information. Librarians can also use BMJ Best Practice to train clinicians on how to use evidence-based resources to support their clinical decision-making
  3. Training and education: Librarians can use BMJ Best Practice to develop or supplement training sessions or educational programs for healthcare professionals on topics related to evidence-based practice and clinical decision-making
  4. Information literacy: Librarians can use BMJ Best Practice to teach information literacy skills to healthcare professionals. BMJ Best Practice provides a range of educational resources, including an Evidence-Based Medicine toolkit, videos, and case studies, which can be used to teach clinicians how to critically evaluate and apply clinical information in their practice
  5. Patient education: Librarians can promote patient education through the use of BMJ Best Practice’s patient leaflets. These help patients understand their conditions and treatments. 

Supporting you to get the most from your BMJ Best Practice subscription

BMJ Best Practice can help librarians support evidence-based medicine, and teach information literacy skills to healthcare professionals in their institutions.

BMJ Best Practice offers a range of features for administrators including usage reports and COUNTER-compliant statistics, which librarians can use to monitor usage and demonstrate the value of the resource to their institutions. This can help librarians make informed decisions about resource allocation.

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