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Back pain: questions to ask your doctor

Last published:Aug 06, 2021

If you've got back pain, you may want to talk to your doctor to find out more.

Here are some questions that you might want to ask:

  • Do you know what's causing my back pain?

  • Do I need to have any tests?

  • What treatment do I need?

  • What should I do if the treatment doesn't make me feel better?

  • Do I need to stay in bed or rest, or can I do my usual activities?

  • Can I carry on going to work?

  • How long will it take for me to get better?

  • What else can I do to make my back feel better?

  • Are there any exercises that can make my back stronger?

  • Which sport or exercises should I avoid, and which ones might be helpful?

  • Are there any alternative or complementary therapies that might help?

  • What can I do to avoid getting a backache again?

  • Is it all right for me to drive?

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