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BMJ Best Practice is the only tool needed to support clinical decisions at the point of care.

Ranked one of the best clinical decision support tools worldwide; BMJ Best Practice provides fast and easy access to the latest evidence-based information for healthcare professionals. It is uniquely structured around the patient consultation with advice on symptom evaluation, test ordering, treatment approach and follow up.

The Reinvention of BMJ Best Practice

Best Practice is committed to continuous improvement with users at the heart of what we do.

Since 2015 we’ve carried out extensive research amongst doctors and customers around the world. These doctors have steered the development of BMJ Best Practice and every feature you see has been researched, developed and tested thoroughly with them.

The redevelopment has focused on their number one requirement: to find the latest information quickly and easily, whenever and wherever they need it.

The new website includes:

  • A modern, fresh user interface and navigation

  • Improved differential diagnosis tables and treatment algorithms

  • Videos of the most common clinical procedures

  • Enhanced page designs with quick links to increase speed to answer

  • More than 500 integrated medical calculators

  • Patient discussions and nearly 400 patient leaflets

  • The latest evidence from Cochrane Clinical Answers

  • Plus an award-winning app that can be used offline, ensuring that you always have the information you need, when you need it.

Thanks to our customers, Best Practice is even better placed to support decision making at the point of care.


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