Collection: Clinical decision support for patients with comorbidities

Dr Kieran Walsh has created a collection of papers exploring how clinical decision support needs to support patients with comorbidities.

"This collection of papers imagines a future world where clinical decision support will support the provision of holistic care. The papers touch on many of the issues already mentioned as well as a variety of other hot topics in this field.

These include the impact of comorbidities on the cost of healthcare, the importance of chronic non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes), and patient perspectives on the need for holistic care. The papers also outline how certain comorbidities – such as mental health conditions – are commonly overlooked and the effect this can have on clinical and financial health outcomes (such as length of stay). Inevitably it also looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the health service and the fact that it is patients with comorbidities who are most severely affected by this disease."

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Key papers discuss:

  • The cost of comorbidities
  • Length of stay, comorbidities, and mental illness
  • Multimorbidity in older people: the problem with diabetes
  • The hidden comorbidities
  • “They only look at the lungs – as if the patient had no other organs”
  • COVID-19 and the new Comorbidities tool from BMJ Best Practice