BMJ provides Ebola resources to support healthcare workers in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Following the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, BMJ is providing free access to a range of evidence-based online resources to support healthcare workers with the early detection, diagnosis and management of Ebola.

Free information about the Ebola virus and how best to treat it, is available from BMJ Best Practice, the clinical support tool from BMJ, for health professionals working on the frontline in affected rural and urban regions of DR Congo. The information has been reviewed and aligned with WHO guidance.

For health professionals located outside affected regions, online learning courses from BMJ Learning and BMJ OnExamination offer guidance on how to recognise who is most at risk and how to manage suspected cases of Ebola in primary care.

As a values-driven company serving international communities everywhere, BMJ is committed to improving global health outcomes by providing evidence-based knowledge and education.

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