A user survey was live on the BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities Manager for 6 months from July 2020.

Participation in the survey was voluntary via a small pop up on the treatment algorithm of acute topics where the Comorbidities tool is available.

Over 1,000 users completed the survey, and results provide compelling evidence on the impact the Comorbidities tool has on patient care:

  • 77% of users said the guidance from the Comorbidities tool changed the care they give to patients.
  • 96% of users said having a treatment plan that is tailored to your patient's comorbidities is helpful or very helpful.
  • 92% of users said the guidance they received as a result of adding Comorbidities to the Treatment algorithm page was helpful or very helpful.
  • 97% of users would consider using the Comorbidities tool to improve the care that they give in the future.

Survey participants included a mixture of subscribing organisations and non-subscribing organisations, where users were visiting one of the free Comorbidities Manager topics such as COVID-19 or Acute exacerbation of COPD.