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Good vibes
22 August 2021

Life changing resource
I got introduced to this app by one of my ED consultants whilst I was my earlier training years. I can tell you yet again that this made my life as a doctor easy. On the go, updated, easy to navigate, basic to expert level material.

11 May 2020
Holy God29

Amazing App
Great app for both doctors, nurses and students alike.

22 January 2019
Katerina Efstathiou

Really really good! Get it now
Final year medical student- this app is amazing. + content on the bmj is so updated! My consultant + registra saw that i was reading from the bmj best practice and asked me to send them the pdfs! They were impressed! + can be used offline at Hospital any time! The fact that it has the calculators on as well - amazing!!!

25 June 2020

One of my go too’s
Great App with an abundance of information which is amazingly accessible.

8 June 2021

Best medical app
Best for busy ED clinicians looking for latest and most up to date guidelines

16 March 2020
Arran Dingwall

Unrivalled for medical student finals / written exams when you need a full reference to most conditions. Really great on the ward when you need to read up on conditions quickly too. App itself works and is presented great.

1 November 2020
Campy the Fourth

Absolutely fab
cannot begin to describe how useful this app is. Super easy to use and concise. Only found out about it two days before an exam but will defo be using for future

18 October 2020
Kumar Nagaraj

Evidence base learning
This app is good at revising the topic and also help to know what’s the news update in that particular topic. Help in ED ,can be used on shop floor for a quick glance of summary or treatment algorithms

18 May 2020
HM Tuang

Very user friendly and has the most up-to-date handy information based on UK guidelines! Definitely the most reliable clinical reference tool I would recommend for any clinician who follows UK guidelines in their daily practice!